How To Set Up Pterodactyl Panel For The First Time

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2020-07-13 09:10

1. Open Billing Panel

Open your billing panel with the account you created when purchasing your server. Once your account has successfully been created on our pterodactyl control panel, you will receive an email and the order will move from pending to active. It is common for emails that are sent by us to end up in your junk or spam folder, so ensure to check these before requesting a second email. All of our emails are sent from [email protected] or [email protected] If you ever receive an email from a different account this is not us, do not enter your password or any account information.

On the billing panel, click on your server that you purchased in order to view your control panel username and password! Note: clicking on the manage button will not bring you to your username and password, you must click on the row itself. Your billing panel login is different from your control panel login.

2. Login To Control Panel

Using the link provided in the panel, or this link, open the control panel in a new window. There is also a button that takes you to the control panel, on most pages of our website!

Next, copy the username, and password into their respective fields. A common issue with logging in is when clients copy the password to the control panel a space is added to the beginning of the password. This can be resolved by copying the password first into another program like notepad (windows) or notes (macOS), deleting the space, and then copying the password into the login fields.

4. Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

To better secure your account, you may set up 2-factor-authentication by following our tutorial in this knowledgebase.

If you have any problems setting up your account, please feel free to contact us through live chat, email, or creating a ticket through our billing panel.

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