How To Set Up Your Minecraft Server

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2020-06-25 07:42

Once your server is done being set up, you will receive an email to the account that you provided us.

1. Open Pterodactyl Panel

From our website, click Cpanel login to get to the login page. Log in with your email that you provided us, and password that you can find in your billing panel. If you just purchased your first server with us, use this tutorial to learn how to set up your pterodactyl account. Once you have logged in to your control panel, you will see a list of your servers like this:

2. Select Your Server

Click on the name of the server you wish to manage. This will bring you to the console for that server. From here, the left side menu will populate with pages to control your server.

3. Start Your Server

Click on the start button, located below the console. Our servers will attempt to start automatically after they install, however, since Minecraft requires the Mojang EULA to be accepted before the server runs, it will fail. This means you must manually start your server through the control panel. Once you start your server, you will be presented with a popup asking you to accept the EULA.

4. Accept The EULA

For you to run a server, you must accept Mojang's EULA. Doing so through the pterodactyl control panel is very easy, a popup will appear that looks like this:

5. Join Your Server

You may now log in to your server using your IP! To find the IP of your server, go back to the server list. The IP for the server is displayed in the table under the connection heading. Share this online or with anyone you want to join your server! Warning: Anyone with the IP can join your server if you do not have a whitelist set up, we cannot change the IP to your server but we may be able to change the port if you request it from our support team.

We hope you enjoy your new server! If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us through live chat, email, the knowledge base, or creating a ticket. We would love to help!

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