Using The File Manager

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2020-06-13 20:03

1. Open Pterodactyl Panel

From our website, click Cpanel login to get to the login page. Log in with your email that you provided us, and password you selected during registration. If you just purchased your first server with us, use this tutorial to learn how to set up your pterodactyl account. Once you have logged in to your control panel, you will see a list of your servers like this:

2. Select Your Server

Click on the name of the server you wish to manage. This will bring you to the console for that server. From here, the left side menu will populate with pages to control your server. On this menu, click on File Management.

3. Use The File Manager

The pterodactyl panel's file manager offers everything you will ever need to manage your files. Here is what the file manager looks like:

At the top of the file manager are buttons that will allow you to create a new file, new folder, upload a file/zip file, or delete multiple files at once. Clicking on any of the files will bring you to a wonderfully formatted in-browser text editor, which is colour coded, supports tabs, and has line numberings. Clicking on a folder will allow you to see what is in it. To the right of the file, there is a button that will open an additional menu, from here you can rename the file, move the file, copy the file, compress the file, or delete it.

The online file manager will usually do everything you need however, if you need to upload a file larger than that allowed, or need other features not offered, you may use SFTP. There is a separate tutorial explaining the process of setting up SFTP

If you occur any problems while using the online file manager, or have any questions please contact us through live chat, email, or by creating a ticket!

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